How the Skelex 360-XFR Works

Simple, yet powerful – Skelex Exoskeletons are powered by our proprietary FlexFrame Technology. The FlexFrame adapts to the user’s body shape, supporting biological movement of the shoulder joint and transfers weight to the lower body. It stores and releases energy in an intelligent manner to compensate for gravity, ensuring comfort and long-term well being of users.

Key Features

  • Flex-frame stores energy to help compensate for gravity, creating a weightless feel without the need for motors or external power sources.
  • Low friction hinges and joints make full horizontal arm movements possible.
  • Force and height adjustments allow for use with a wide range of tasks for many different users.
  • Supports static and dynamic work at and above the shoulder level
  • Harness is detachable and washable, perfect for mutli-user environments with individual harnesses and a shared exoskeleton for teams.
  • Can be worn and removed in less than 30 seconds by the wearer without additional assistance

Bionic Lift is a Small Business Innovation Research recipient which allows for Phase III, sole-source procurement IAW the SBIR-STTR Policy Directive 2019…please see (here) for more information.  Also, please see the Phase III Booklet (here) for additional information.