How the Hapo MS Works

New exoskeleton for less Injuries at work: Reduces pain, fatigue, absenteeism,

Hapo MS is a very light and easyto-use exoskeleton, specifically designed to prevent and reduce pain in the shoulders and elbows.

This is the right exoskeleton to improve the conditions for all works requiring arm assistance with angles from 0° to 135° and a great horizontal amplitude of 180 degrees.

The user keeps a great freedom of movement and agility.

Key Features of the Hapo MS

  • Isoelastic springs provide consistent support through entirety of movement
  • Range of motion with assistance
    • 0° – 135° in height (waste to eye-level)
    • 180° unrestricted horizontal movement

Bionic Lift is a Small Business Innovation Research recipient which allows for Phase III, sole-source procurement IAW the SBIR-STTR Policy Directive 2019…please see (here) for more information.  Also, please see the Phase III Booklet (here) for additional information.


While other competitors focus on overhead shoulder assistance, the Hapo Front provides assistance for activity between the waist and eye level. This relief for extended arms means assistance for work right in front of the user.

  • Over 13 lbs. of assistance

  • 33% reduction in bicep strain and 16% in deltoids when in use

  • One size fits all

Hapo V2

The Hapo V2 is our best-selling harness and for good reason. The system allows the user to engage the harness when assistance is needed and disengage to move freely without assistance.

  • Gives roughly 30 lbs. of assistance

  • Provides over 30% less strain to the longissimus back muscle when lifting

  • Available in 3 sizes (S1, S2, S3) and fits 98% of users