Bionic Lift, LLC

Bionic Lift, LLC is an authorized representative and dealer/distributor of Skelex exoskeleton suits.

We perform sales, research & development, industry analysis, marketing, consulting, and process development for Skelex exoskeleton sales in the United States.


Our focus is on improving worker health, employee production, and company output.


Additionally, Bionic Lifts assists organizations through the use of exoskeleton technology and innovation by using their awareness of customer needs gained from serving on active duty in the military.

Our Experience

Bionic Lift’s two owners have over 80-years of experience across the industrial, maintenance, logistics, consumer, and production areas. This deep understanding of the workplace environment enables us to tailor our services & understand customer requirements.

CEO: USAF Brigadier General (ret) Carl Buhler

• Seasoned senior executive serving over 28-years on active duty with the US Air Force.

• Two-time USAF Major Command Director of Logistics, Engineering, and Force Protection

• Carl served as an Air Logistics Complex (ALC) Commander

• Background: Aircraft Maintenance, Munitions, Logistics, and Consulting

COO: USAF CMSgt (ret) Greg Bernitt

• Seasoned logistics and sustainment executive

• Served 26+years active duty USAF, nine as Chief Master Sergeant, plus in industry with OEM Prime

• Background in Aircraft Maintenance, Business Development & Government Affairs

Bionic Lift, LLC is a Proud Service Disabled Veteran Owned & Operated Company

Bionic Lift is a proud service disabled veteran-owned & operated company.