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Bionic Lift is a Skelex authorized United States Representative & Dealer.


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Increase Performance

The Skelex 360 helps improve performance!

Bionic Lift sells Skelex non-powered upper-body exoskeletons. 

This next generation exoskeleton is designed to reduce fatigue while providing greater endurance and strength. It empowers workers to be more productive, while minimizing the risk of injuries in the workplace.

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The Skelex 360 exoskeleton


With the Skelex 360, comfort is a key feature, with ergonomic features, detachable arm cups, and a removable harness (with one click release) to be able to wash, there is no contact on the back to avoid causing sweating.

Bionic Lift, LLC is an authorized representative & distributor of the Skelex 360.

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Helps Reduce Work-Related Injuries


Upper Body Exoskeleton Performance and Injury Prevention.

Empowers workers, motivates employees, and enhances company production…all while helping to prevent workplace injuries.

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Even More Features

Simple to Use


Easily & Quickly Adjustable


Designed with Comfort in Mind



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