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Bionic Lift is an ergonomic systems and solutions provider and a US Dealer/Distributor of innovative exoskeleton solutions to augment and mechanize workers for injury prevention, increased production, and improved quality of life.  These ergonomic solutions focus on the mitigation of Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WMSDs), increased stamina and providing an edge to get the job done.  Bionic Lift provide solutions that are ideal for assembly, construction, logistics, maintenance, mechanical, warehousing, shipbuilding, and other trades.  No matter if the job requires lifting, grasping, or sitting and standing all day, there is an ergonomic solution available for you.

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Why Choose Bionic Lift for your Exoskeleton Solutions?

At Bionic Lift, our mission is to empower people to surpass their human potential. We believe with the right support, industrial workers can be safer, stronger, and less prone to work-related injuries. By combining our understanding of engineering, design, and the human body. We innovate to bring the tools of the worker of the future to the workforce of today.

Our innovative solutions provide support to people in need of extra strength, endurance or reduction of effort. We are distributors for World-leading companies within the exoskeleton Market.

Chairless Chair

The Chairless Chair allows for quick, easy and flexible changes between sitting, standing and walking.  The device relieves back strain and promotes ideal posture.  The Chairless Chair has been adopted extensively throughout the automotive industry and is ideal in production environments.


The HAPO V2 is a passive, spring-actuated hip exoskeleton for back support. It is designed to reduce muscular-skeletal disorders of the back of the lumbar such as low back pain and herniated discs while working in the following range of motion: 

    • In a static standing position, it allows physical assistance as soon as the back forms an angle greater than 5°.
    • In dynamic flexion, it allows, from the crouching position hands on the ground to the position arms at height (at hip level), to assist the lower back.”
The elastic elements of the HAPO are made of composite fibers that can provide up to 14kg (30 lbs) of support, while the total weight of the exoskeleton comes to about 1.2kg (2 lbs). The HAPO is highly adjustable, allowing the user to change the distance and position of the spring element relative to their body using straps.

The HAPO-MS exoskeleton is a wearable exoskeleton for the support of biceps and deltoid muscle during tasks requiring repetitive handling of objects, prolonged holding of the arms in front of the body, or any “arms out” postures that impact the upper body tasks that require continuous or repetitive arm lifting.

    • The HAPO-MS weighs 1.3 Kg (2.9 lb) and supports the user arms with up to 6 kg (13 lb) when the shoulder flexion is between 0º (arm vertically down) and 135º (arm pointing upwards), for the whole horizontal workspace (180º).
    • The passive support is provided by spring-like elements which are connected on one side to the trunk harness and on the other side to the user’s elbows.
    • The exoskeleton can be adjusted to different user heights and can be donned and doffed in only 50 and 20 seconds respectively. 


The world’s first active soft exoskeleton for the hand, Ironhand strengthens the human grip, allowing operators to use less grip force when performing repetitive tasks. Less force used reduces fatigue, prevents strain injuries, and reduces the need for sick leave as well as the costs associated with it. A healthier workforce means a happier and more efficient workplace.

SkelEx 360

The ultimate exoskeleton for overhead work.The SkelEx 360 is a non-powered exoskeleton that supports the weight of the arms against gravity.  The device works on the principle of gravity balancing, providing no force when the arms are relaxed and resting by your side and  gradually increasing support as arms are lifted upwards.You can also increase the amount of support individually per arm, as per your preference